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Sequoia Flooring has been the premium provider of Hardwood Flooring in Los Angeles for a long time and has been providing both houses and other types of locations in the city with the very best quality of Hardwood Flooring. This naturally makes them one of the most popular hardwood floor installation cost losAngeles companies in the city, as there is no shortage of people and organizations who want Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring for their own houses, headquarters, offices or other locations. Able to provide a large range of options to their clients and customers, Sequoia Flooring takes the lead in flooring options in Los Angeles, as they have an uncompared range of finishing choosing from for your own Wooden Flooring.

Their range of Oak and maple flooring are some of their most popular options, as more than hundreds of different customers have chosen to get their locations outfitted with Maple or Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring, combining an Unfinished approach with it, meaning that the wooden flooring gets the finishing and varnishes after being transported to the installation site. Cherry flooring is also very popular for its aesthetic, and has been requested by a lot of clients for its signature exotic dark look as flooring. Read on to know more about some of their most popular options:

Bamboo Flooring: Strangely Popular in the US

Bamboo Flooring, which isn’t actually a type of wood, is usually considered as such, and has continued to be a popular pick for homes all over the world, as it is one of the most requested types of flooring from sequoiaflooring. While not suited or humid or damp locations, bamboo provides a nice texture to have your feet on for colder climates. It’s also widely preferred because unlike many other types of Hardwood Flooring, it comes in a variety of colors, and is fairly durable too!

Walnut Flooring: The Upper Echelons of Luxury Flooring

Walnut Flooring is one of the most luxurious types of flooring out there, as it has been a favorite of the upper classes of society for more than a decade, building up a reputation as one of the most aesthetic types of flooring out there. With many different species of Walnut Flooring dominating the market, customers often have very specific requests for rare types of Flooring that can only be acquired from the varied stocks of hardwood flooring wholesale Los Angeles maintained by sequoia flooring.

Brazilian Cherry: Elegance Unbound

Brazilian Cherry is definitely a popular pick from the stocks of sequoiaflooring, but is mostly used by those with a large budget for their flooring, as Brazilian Cherry is one of the best types of flooring out there. With a dark, elegant look that adds tones and dark hues to just about any type of decor, Brazilian Cherry is able to accentuate a varied range of home decor, ranging from standard home decor, such as shaded lamps and wooden paintings to upper class gilt frames and Mahogany desks.

If you want to know more about the different types of Hardwood Flooring stocked by sequoiaflooring, make an appointment by visiting their website today!

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