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When does a wooden floor require repairing or refinishing?

Wooden floors on logs today are considered the most popular of the existing types. This is explained by their environmental friendliness and low price, as well as a long-term operation, subject to strict adherence to the installation technology. It is very practical to have hardwood flooring at home. Because of its timeless style and health benefits over carpet, it is the most sought-after flooring choice for home buyers. However, hardwood floors require maintenance to keep them looking their best. In addition to sweeping and cleaning with a damp cloth, hardwood floors must also be finished. Wood floor refinishing Azuza is necessary for the following situations:

  • Accidents with water and pets have discolored parts of the hardwood.
  • The polymer seal and stain have peeled off, revealing gray spots.
  • Sunlight discolors wood. This is most obvious when carpets or furniture have to be moved. The trees below are noticeably darker.
  • If cracks, chips, dents, abrasions, and irregularities have formed on the surface;
  • If the varnish has darkened significantly and lost its luster;
  • If the dies creak underfoot from walking;
  • If the boards have lost their original color;
  • If voids have appeared under the planks, which, when stepped on, make a muffled sound;
  • If the flooring has just been laid, it will need to be sanded to remove roughness and, ideally smooth and even surface.

Do you want to change the color of your wooden floors? Rely on professionals

There are several types of wooden flooring, the most popular being parquet, parquet, solid boards, laminate, etc. Each of them is a finishing floor covering that is laid on a pre-prepared base. When repairing the floor, you will need to consider each option's characteristics; for this reason, it is better to entrust the work to experienced hardwood floorers for Wood floor refinishing Bel Air

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