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How to know if you need to refinish hardwood floors

Finishing hardwood floors eliminates scratches and grooves and reveals the natural warmth and beauty of the hardwood floor. Even floors that have been damaged by water or UV rays will regain their luster with a full finish.

It also protects the floor from further damage and helps homeowners avoid paying for new hardwood floors in the near future. Here are a few reasons why homeowners should consider Wood floor refinishing Bel Air.

Visible dents or scratches

 If the floor is scratched in multiple places and has seen better days, it's time to do it. Sanding the floor to achieve a smooth finish is the best way to make the parquet look as good as new. Deeper scratches may require some additional repairs, and a professional will be able to ensure the repairs blend seamlessly with the rest of the floor.

 Gray or blackboards

Even regular cleaning of your hardwood floors can cause water damage if the protective coating on your wood floor wears away. Water-damaged wooden floors turn gray or black if the water has penetrated enough. The darker the wood, the more damaged it is.

By marking the floor before the damage becomes too extensive, you ensure the floor's structural integrity. Homeowners should note that if the damage is extensive, some panels may need to be replaced, which will increase the overall cost of the restoration.


Walking barefoot in the house should not be dangerous. In homes where splinters have become a concern, floors are very worn, and exposed wood is damaged. Resurfacing the floor will remove and seal the cracked surface from further damage.

Faded colors

Sunlight passing through a hardwood floor may look attractive, but harmful UV rays can have a negative effect. Hardwood floors can fade and discolor from sunlight. If the floor looks dull and faded, repainting will help restore the natural color of the wood.

Repainting allows you to change the color of the floor if you are not satisfied with the natural tone of the wood. For example, if a homeowner doesn't like the reddish hue of the cherry floor, he can finish the floor using a different color to make it more neutral. So, what are you waiting for? Contact professionals now to refinish the wooden flooring in your home and give it a new life.

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