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Reasons To Choose Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Flooring adds a spark to the interior beauty of your house. You have to be extra careful about choosing your flooring material. Well, it has been seen that people often get confused about whether to choose engineered hardwood flooring over the solid hardwood flooring. It is always better to go with engineering hardwood flooring installation in California. If you desire to know the reasons behind these then go ahead and read.


  • Durability- That You Can’t Ignored

A good quality engineered hardwood floorings are highly durable and can resist everyday wear and tear. If you are looking for the floorings to be used in commercial and institutional places then this type of flooring is the best option for you. In fact, these engineered hardwood floorings are manufactured with supreme plywood quality which is really hard to get damaged. In a nutshell, the coatings of this hardwood are capable to withstand any type of harsh treatment. So, why wait? Visit our hardwood flooring showroom to select engineered hardwood flooring according to your choice.


  •  Maintenance- You Should Look

Engineered hardwood floorings are quite easy to clean and maintain in comparison to the solid hardwood floorings. Solid hardwood floorings are required to be sanded numerous times in its lifetime based on the thickness but this is not the case with the engineered hardwood floorings. Refinishing for one or two times in its lifespan is more than enough. Even the clean procedure of these floors is too easy. As it does not accumulate dirt and dust, wiping with wet clothes and sweeping with a broom is enough to maintain the shine of the floor. At, our wood flooring store in SFV, you will the best engineered hardwood floorings that require the least maintenance.


Sequoia Flooring is the best place for you to step in if you are searching for a moisture-resistant, durable, and eco-friendly engineered hardwood floorings. We are the best hardwood floor company in California.

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