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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Vs. Hardwood Floor Installing: When To Do What?

Affordable Flooring Repair Los Angeles

It is very easy for one to consider hardwood floor installation. But is it always necessary, that too for a few scratches on your floor surface? Why not think about availing some floor refinishing services. Hardwood floor installers are known to provide both refinishing and re-installation for hardwood floors. All you need to know is when to apply which flooring repair. So keep reading, if you wish to know when to choose to refinish over installation when availing affordable flooring repair Los Angeles.

The key to availing the best option is to check for signs for repair. If your floor has extensive scratches on its surface, or if it leaks of water showing signs of water damage, then it’s best to think about availing hardwood floor refinishing Los Angeles. Companies all over Los Angeles, California, provide refinishing services for hardwood floors Los Angeles for damages created by:

  • Worn out hardwood floor areas
  • Chipped hardwood flooring areas
  • Hardwood floors which fail water test showing risks or signs of water leakage and damage
  • An excessive amount of staining on the floors
  • Discoloration of the floor due to exposure to the sun rays
  • Hardwood floors grey and begin to show signs of ageing

If your floor shows one or more such signs it’s time to avail some affordable flooring repair Los Angeles through wood floor refinishing services.

However, if you wish for re-installation services, you need to look out for two signs in hardwood floors Los Angeles:

  • Too much movement of hardwood floors
  • Cupping or crowning of floor

If your wooden floors show any of the above two signs, then it’s advisable to go for hardwood floor installation Los Angeles. This would add to the aesthetics of your home and repair the damage caused to the floor.

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