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The maintenance of hardwood flooring in the home is associated with protecting and caring for flooring. Wood floors can last for multiple decades if the homeowner takes essential care for floors. It is quite easy to take care of the needs of wood floors by cleaning the dirt and sanding the scratches. Here we provide some preventive measures and tips to maintain the quality of your hardwood floor.

  • Essentiality of cleanliness 

We always suggest our customers to avoid shifting heavy materials on the wooden floor because it results in scratches on the floor. On the other hand, you must use a liquid termites barrier, boric acid and we also use baits to prevent all termite damage. The fireplace of your house also can damage the floor, thereby, you must keep away your fireplace from the wooden floor. Apart from these measures, if your floors look dry, then you can oil and polish them to get back the previous shine.

  • Protection from sun damage

There is some unseen damage that always gets neglected by the people. Sunlight can easily harm your wooden floor and thereby we suggest our customers cover their windows to protect the floor from hardwood floor stain. The UV rays and heat are very much harmful for the wooden floor. Hence, our expert professionals suggest using blackout curtains over all windows. 

Apart from that, you can use the preventive sealer to protect your floor from both light and water damage. However, each sealer has a different damage resistance quality and you cannot use the softwood sealer on a hardwood sealer. Hence you must consult with an expert professional. You can take our help to identify which sealer is ideal for your wood floor. Furthermore, our experienced floor installer can help you by providing vital protective coat to your floor. So these are the important preventive measures that our hardwood floor installer in Los Angeles suggest you to apply for protecting your wooden floor. 

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