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3 Common Things That Can Destroy Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floorings are generally preferred by the people worldwide for its appearance and durability. If properly maintained then this wood floor can retain its eye-soothing and last for a longer period. However, there are certain things that people unknowingly do which can easily cause damage to the hardwood floors. Let’s have look at those common things that are capable of destroying the hardwood floors.


Legs Of The Furniture

Are you having too many scratch marks on your hardwood flooring? Then it might be due to the legs of your furniture. For example, when you sit on your chair, then there is a high probability of a slight movement of the chair. This movement leaves scratches on the floors. Why don’t you make use of furniture pads? Making use of the furniture pads can prevent your floor from getting scratch marks.


Pet Nails Can Damage Your Floor

Do you live with pets at your house? Then, to get scratches on your hardwood floors from their nails are too common. The scratches that occurred on your hardwood flooring can decrease the overall appearance of the floor. Not only this, but it can even damage the floor with time. The best way to avoid scratches from your pet nails is to cut off their big nails.


Wearing High Heels Inside Your House

Moving around the house wearing a high heel can easily damage your hardwood flooring. The reason behind the damage by high heels is that the heels are pointed and the weight of your body does not get distributed evenly throughout your shoes. This causes dents on your floors. So, to avoid floor damage, better leave your heels outside the door and wear soft slippers inside your house.


Overall, these are the three common things that can destroy your hardwood floors of Los Angeles. We, at Sequoia Flooring, offer affordable flooring repair service in Los Angeles.

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