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Hardwood flooring: what are the advantages?

Whatever its essence, oak, chestnut, ash, maple, beech, pine, teak, wenge, 100% wood, hardwood flooring displays a charm that is unlike any other type of flooring. Hardwood flooring is a real asset in an interior. Discover its many advantages before adopting it at home.

The strengths of hardwood flooring

First of all, it should be noted that the parquet is entirely made up of the type of wood chosen (oak, maple, ash, beech, etc.). Thus, the blades are made of hardwood. Hardwood parquet thus has all the properties of wood, whether in terms of hardness, appearance, density, aesthetics, or robustness.

The first advantage of hardwood flooring is its appearance. Natural and authentic, wood brings a certain cachet to interior decoration as well as warmth and comfort. Here are some advantages of hardwood flooring:

  • Long life: hardwood flooring can last for years if properly cared for.
  • A good sound and heat insulator: wood is known for its insulating properties. Not very conducive, hardwood flooring also protects against high heat and temperature drops.
  • A wide choice of finishes: depending on the species of wood chosen, the parquet can adopt different aspects. It can also receive a variety of finishes: oiled, vitrified, waxed...
  • Great versatility: hardwood flooring can be placed in a living room, in the hallway, or even in the bedroom.

As their names suggest, these are 100% wood. The blades are cut from a single piece of wood. These are the parquet floors of the interiors of yesteryear whose charm is irreplaceable. These floors sometimes creak underfoot. Their blades measure less than 300 mm and up to 600 mm and are very sensitive to hygrometric variations in the room to temperature changes. Made in species such as oak, chestnut, ash, maple, beech, and pine, the demand for exotic water-resistant species, such as teak, and wenge, is growing. The edges (long sides) and ends (short sides) are worked in grooves and tongues. Very solid, they last several generations, and the installation, glued or nailed according to the thickness, must be carried out by a specialist Hardwood Flooring Warehouse Los Angeles.

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