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3 Signs that it is Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are the most beautiful and durable flooring options. However, like everything in the world, it loses its glow after a certain time. But the good news is that with refinishing procedures, it can get back living in it. But, how do you know that your floor requires Wood floor refinishing? Well, here are the top signs that indicate that it is time to refinish your hardwood. Let's have a look at them. 

Lots of scratches

Well if you find a large number of scratches, especially if those scratches are worn through the stain, it means that it's time for you to refinish your floors. The scratches look more obvious if you have a darker stain. You don't need to worry about minor scratches, but if you find many unwanted scratches, you have to hire professional Hardwood Floor Refinishers in Los Angeles.

Boards are turning gray

If you find that your hardwood is turning gray, it's time to refinish. You need to do as soon as possible before it gets more damage. Your floors beg you for your help. When they are worn off, the wood starts absorbing the water and the source of the water can be rain, snow or even pet's paws or spilled drink. If the wood continues absorbing the water, it oxidizes and turns into gray. Therefore, if you don't refinish or repair your floors timely, the wood may turn dark and darker until it gets black. 

Fading (and/or discoloration) from sun

If you find any kind of sun damage to the floors, it is time for you to refinish the floors. Sometimes, your floor may look discolored or unhealthy. Therefore you can often notice a big difference easily if it is damaged. 

These are the top 3 signs when you need to refinish your floors. However, if you want to hire one of the best Wood floor refinishing in Santa Monicayou can rely on Sequoia Flooring. Call them at +1 877-776-3440 to learn more.

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