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How to lay hardwood floor

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Installing a new floor in your home can be easier than you think. Follow the tips given in this blog to find out how to do it yourself. If, on the other hand, you want to get help, the professional craftsmen will take care of doing it for you with a state-of-the-art installation.

Types of hardwood floor installation

Hardwood floor has three types of installation:

Glued installation:

The hardwood floor strips are glued directly onto a dry and clean floor or onto the screed without using a substrate. It is mainly used with small formats to create more complex laying patterns. With large formats, it gives a lot of stability. It prevents any water infiltration and reduces footfall noise. Find out how to do it with our video tutorial.

Floating pose:

  • With click: it is the simplest to perform. The hardwood floor planks fit together without the use of glue and rest on an insulating subfloor. Preserves the underlying floor and allows planks to be removed when needed. 
  • With glue: in this case, the hardwood floor strips are glued together laterally, applying vinyl glue or glue specifically for hardwood floors in the male-female joint. It always requires an underlay mat.

Choose the format of the hardwood floor to be installed

Choose the format you prefer, taking into account the installation:

  • Small formats: strips are usually a maximum of 10 mm thick (they are more stable and do not require large thicknesses). They can only be laid with glue.
  • Large formats: they have a thickness of up to 15 mm and are usually boards that exceed 120 cm. They can be laid both with glue and floating.

Some useful tips during installation

  • Check the humidity level of the bottom and the environment. Wood is a living material that can swell, take on a wavy appearance, and form cracks when it absorbs moisture.
  • The residual humidity of the cement screed must be less than 2%. The laying bed must be regular.
  • Keep a 1cm gap from the walls to allow the wood to move and expand naturally.
  • If you have under floor heating, carry out a pre-ignition for about 15 days, which will allow the screed to settle and remove the residual humidity in new or renovated houses.
  • If possible, whitewash the walls before laying them on the floor. Also, make sure that the windows are already installed.

It is recommended to hire professionals for Hardwood Floor Installation Los Angeles. The professional will thoroughly inspect and lay the floor of your choice.

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